Commercial property in Montenegro

Участок под застройку в местечке Каменово (K009)

Цена €договорная

Участок под застройку расположен в местечке Каменово, это между Рафаиловичами и Св. Стфеваном, имеет прекрасный вид на море, подведены все коммуникации, имеется разрешение под коммерческую застройку. Граница участка начинается от главной дороги и заканчивается непосредственно у воды. 

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Montenegro is a small but beautiful country located on the Adriatic coast. It has salubrious climate, wonderful nature, stable economic situation and reasonable prices for real estate. All this favors swift increase in demand for commercial property.
One of the most developed business directions in Montenegro is tourism. This area is considered a major source of income in this country. Every year the government of Montenegro implements strategic goals and projects for tourism development. Taking this in mind, there are created favorable conditions for investors, such as reduced tax concessions, interest rates on credits and relatively soft conditions of entry into a country. Also, continuous demand for real estate allows both new entrepreneurs and experienced investors to earn.
Why is it advantageous to buy commercial property? If you are thinking of a restaurant or hotel business, then at present there is no better country than Montenegro where with minimal investments you can become a rightful owner of a resort town. In comparison with neighboring European countries prices for land and commercial property here are relatively low. But the annual income is decent enough. Swimming season in Montenegro lasts from May until October. During this period the demand for real estate significantly exceeds the supply. And if you are interested in buying real estate abroad, then there is no better land for implementation of your business plans than Montenegro.
Currently we offer offices, industrial buildings, restaurants, stores, cafes, rental spaces and workrooms. Also you can buy a ready-to-start business and save on marketing and advertising.
By choosing finished objects it is necessary to consider several factors. First of all it is recommended to find out about an exact regional location, level of infrastructure, distance from the sea, transportation network nearby and proximity to sights.
Advantages of buying commercial property
In Montenegro there are set relatively loyal conditions for non-residents. Also, it is a country with low taxes on real estate. This all means that currently there is no better country than Montenegro for commercial property purchase and further business development. Hurry up and use this unique opportunity to become an owner of a restaurant, café, office or a hotel for reasonable prices in one of developed European countries.