Construction and Investment in Montenegro

Recently the investment market of Montenegro is rapidly developing. It can be explained by loyal conditions for non-residents. It is much easier to get a residence permit in Montenegro rather than in other European countries. Also, it is a country with mild climate, beautiful nature and the Adriatic Sea, snow-white mountains and fast flowing rivers. All this in combination with stable economic situation and advantageous tax rates favors an increasing demand for commercial and private property.
The main investment directions are construction of residential buildings, commercial property objects, hotels, as well as construction with re-sale to international buyers.
Undoubtedly, the most profitable investment projects are the ones that are related to residential construction.
How take place construction and investment activities in Montenegro? In every case conditions are individual and depend on many factors. That is why it is advisable to directly turn to our company to negotiate conditions and details.
You can order a turnkey construction project that will include a whole set of activities (project design, permits and licenses, cadastral valuation) up to delivery of the key from the newly-constructed building. You can always participate in construction process at interim steps.
Choose an option that would suit you better and that is more profitable and closer to your heart.
Montenegrin climate allows construction works almost all year round. And the construction period is relatively short – starting from two months and more. For example, a two-storey villa can be built in 2-4 months.
In order to implement investment project is needed to:
- choose land, that is significant part of costs,
- get all the approvals for the project,
- choose a general contractor,
- develop sale politics of newly-constructed project.
It is important to consider these questions competently and thoroughly. That is why it is recommended to implement a project of such scale with help of professionals. Our company will assist in construction and investment activities that you might like to implement. This way you can be sure that your investments in construction will quickly have positive results.