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Продаются квартиры, г.Будва (К5)

Цена €1550-2500/м2

Адрес: Velji vinogradi, 85310 Будва


  • Гараж
  • Новостройка
  • Дворик
  • Лифт
  • Вид на море
  • Вид на горы
  • Паркинг
  • Кондиционер
  • Домофон
  • Видео наблюдение

Жилой комплекс Меркур находится в  Будве , в тихом районе Вельи Виногради. Расстояние до Славянского пляжа 600 м. Всего в 5 минутах ходьбы до  центральной части города – магазины, школа, кафешки. Дом построен в соответствии со всеми  строительными требованиями высокого качества.  На первом этаже на продажу объекты для делового назначения. Перед домом большая парковка, а также на продажу предоставлены и гаражные места. Гаражы разных размеров от 13 кв.м до 20 кв.м, цена 1200 евро за кв.м. Подъезды дома оснащены лифтами, а каждая квартира имеет кабельное телевидение (русские каналы) интернет, отличную внутренную отделку. В доме квартиры разных размеров и планировки:

Однокомнатные квартиры – 30 кв. м, 33 кв. м, 35 кв. м, 36 кв.м

Двухкомнатные  - 42 кв.м, 43 кв.м, и 63 кв.м

Трехкомнатные – от 73 кв. м до 140 кв.м

Цены: от  1550 до 2500 евро/кв.м

Комерческая недвижимость : 2500 евро/кв.м

Стоимость зависит от этажности, расположения квартиры, вида на море.

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Montenegro is a wonderful land, a real paradise. The country is washed by warm Adriatic Sea with its sky-blue waves. The sea borders with snow-white mountainous peaks, beautiful relict forests, crystal-clear lakes, fast flowing mountain streams and, of course, hospitable and good-natured people. That is why it is not astonishing that during the last time more and more people while choosing real estate abroad pay attention on property in Montenegro.
Another certain advantage of buying villas or apartments in this country is visa free regime and low taxes. In combination with mild climate and wonderful nature, all this gives an excellent opportunity to move or buy property in this country for its further renting to tourists.
Lately the demand for real estate in Montenegro is increasing, and enough of our compatriots made a decision to become owners of villas, houses and apartments in this beautiful land. The reasons for buying are different. Someone decided to make its dream come true and to settle their families down in a cozy house on the coast. For someone it is a profitable investment into business development. Why is it profitable today to buy property in Montenegro? The reason is that not that long ago it was a small unknown country, and this fact reflected in the prices of real estate. Nowadays it is still possible to buy a house, villa or an apartment for low price in comparison with other resort countries.
The obvious advantage of buying real estate in Montenegro is its perfect climate. Here the sun is shining for 300 days a year, the nature amazes with its beauty and diversity, and of course everyone is fascinated by magnificent Adriatic Sea. It is not surprising that so many people strive for buying property in Montenegro where one can rest with comfort any time of the year, and also to rent his property to tourists while out of the country.
On our website you can choose from a wide range of real estate objects – villas, apartments, houses. Also you can find and buy land for construction. Our construction services will allow you to build any house on the coast.
Montenegro has a real right to be called a little paradise, because everything here is made for ideal life.