Apartments and villas from €150 000 to 500 000

Apartments for sale, Bijela (K001)

Area50-80 m2
Apartments located in Bijela, in a new building. Settlement situated on the plain in 10 km from the town of Herceg Novi. Apartments are in 70 meters from the sea. There is a well-developed infrastructure.подробнее

House for sale, Bijelа(К005)

Area300 m2
The house is located in the borough of Bijela, the total area is 300 m2, the plot is 350 m2, there is a 2 rooms apartment on the ground floor, it has a living room. There is a 2 rooms apartment on the second floor too with the living room and terr...подробнее

Аpartment for sale, Kumbor (K004)

Area75 m2
The apartment is located in the borough Kumbor. There is a well-developed infrastructure. It is situated near with the big town Herceg Novi, in 50 meters from the sea. Direct sale by owner.подробнее